The COVID-19 vaccine is in its distributing stages and this is how it went.

February 15, 2021

A national state of emergency in America was declared on March 13, 2020 due to the virus which is now universally known as COVID-19. Since then, the virus was declared a pandemic, which means it has affected countries all over the world. Since the national emergency was declared there have been a series of events leading up to the development of the vaccine. 

“The international need for a fast developed solution encouraged global cooperation in creating a vaccine, which sped up the process. Coronavirus is not new, there are many types of it that have been around for a long time, so scientists already had data regarding coronavirus prior to the pandemic to base surrounding research off of,” junior Ilise Hyams said.

Vaccinations began in America on December 14, 2020. The intricate program for vaccine eligibility began through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The process by which the vaccine has been distributed considered age, race, ethnicity, occupation, and more. The CDC recommended that healthcare workers and residents of long-term health care facilities be the first to receive the vaccine. With this information, the distribution process has constantly changed due to the uncharted territory that is COVID-19.

The COVID-19 vaccine distribution process leverages existing networks, processes and partnerships to make vaccines available across America as quickly and safely as possible. Each week, as doses are released by companies for distribution, planes and trucks transport the vaccine to states and jurisdictions across the country,” the ASPA said.

The adjustment to COVID-19 regulations has been straining for all public associations. Children from ages five to 18 are attending classes from home, teachers are teaching lectures instead of hands-on learning, and administration is unable to do much about it. 

“I think they are doing the best they can with what they have, although I think it’s weird that some states are left to do what they want. I can imagine there will be errors especially considering that you have to get two doses.” junior Tess Romine said.

Leading up to the vaccination process, the nation has been on a form of lockdown since March 2020. For lockdown and reopening purposes each state is able to decide their own pace. In Florida there is limited lockdown in January 2021 compared to California in January 2021 which is in complete limited movement lockdown. With this, each state is also required to choose its own vaccination distribution process with the exception of a three stage guideline issued by the CDC.

Phase 1 – there is an initial limited supply of vaccine doses that will be prioritized for certain groups and distribution more tightly controlled and limited number of providers administering the vaccine; Phase 2 – supply would increase and access expand to include a broader set of the population, with more providers involved, and; Phase 3 – there would likely be sufficient supply to meet demand and distribution would be integrated into routine vaccination programs,” the CDC said.

The vaccine distribution process is moving as fast as safely possible. Although the U.S. fell short of their goal to distribute 20 million vaccinations by the end of 2020 the CDC is working vigorously to slow the spread and in the meantime distribute the cure.

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